About Us

We are one of Africa’s largest independent
energy trading and development-focused companies

We find, extract, refine, trade, store and transport materials and resources from where
supply is abundant to where demand is great.

We do things differently, and the difference lies less in what we do than how we do it. We also have a range of other services we offer. This brochure is designed to take you inside the world of SISA and show you how our 360° expertise and unique culture combine to make us one of the energy sector’s business partners of choice.

Company Overview

Subsaharan Integrated Services Africa (S.I.S.A) Holdings is a development focused operating business with activities in Africa. Our core competencies are along the lines of delivering proven services in project management and consultancy service provision.

The birth and inclusion of our infrastructure service development team is due to the fact that our core businesses need infrastructure in order to operate successfully in Africa.


Vision and Values

S.I.S.A aims to be a leading diversified
international contractor in the Middle East and Africa.


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S.I.S.A Capabilities

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Work at S.I.S.A

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Welcome to the Future of Limitless Possibilities