Core values

Our Core Values

S.I.S.A aims to be a leading diversified international
contractor in the Middle East and Africa.

[stm_icon_box hide_title_line=”hide_title_line” enable_hexagon=”enable” icon=”stm-nokia” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”23″ icon_width=”78″ title=”Integrity”]We will act honestly and with integrity. We will do the right thing and behave properly, regardless of the circumstances and whether or not others will observe our actions. We will take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. We will operate with a respect and concern for the environment, the community, and the people with whom we work, and will aim to minimise the impact of our activities.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box hide_title_line=”hide_title_line” enable_hexagon=”enable” icon=”stm-security” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”30″ icon_width=”78″ title=”Safety”]We will not compromise in providing our employees and others under our care with a safe and healthy working environment. We will ensure that we send everyone home safely at the end of each working day and will make our safety performance a competitive advantage.


[stm_icon_box hide_title_line=”hide_title_line” enable_hexagon=”enable” icon=”stm-diamond” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”24″ icon_width=”78″ title=”Success”]We will operate a commercially successful business. Success to us means providing strong returns for our shareholders and consistently delivering quality projects to satisfied clients. Our “can-do” approach will enable us to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships resulting with us becoming a partner of choice.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box hide_title_line=”hide_title_line” enable_hexagon=”enable” icon=”stm-mans” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”23″ icon_width=”78″ title=”Teamwork”]We are one team, and we recognise that our success is only possible through the collaborative efforts of our people. We will develop our people through training, reward performance and create a working environment in which our people are challenged, motivated, satisfied and accountable for their work.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box hide_title_line=”hide_title_line” enable_hexagon=”enable” icon=”stm-libra” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”24″ icon_width=”78″ title=”Ethics”]In line with S.I.S.A’s vision of being a leading diversified international service provider in the Middle East and North Africa, the Group’s Code of Ethics seeks to ensure that as a company and as individuals, we are performing to the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour.

    This includes:

  • Acting honestly with integrity
  • Supporting the safety and wellbeing of those under and around our care
  • Striving to provide successful outcomes
  • Working together to achieve a shared vision

S.I.S.A takes a zero-tolerance approach to unethical behaviour which could lead to conflicts of interest. If you are aware of any potential breach in S.I.S.A’s ethical guidelines, please feel free to contact us immediately. All reporting will be dealt with in full confidentiality.[/stm_icon_box]

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