SISA Direct

Land Haulage

Combined land roving moveable
capacity of 100,000 litres direct
into metropolis end users tanks

Over 20 million litre per annum
frame agreement covering coastal
inner city bank branches

  • Fleet access to 6,000 tons of land going,
    dry and wet cargo trailers
  • Consisting of box body trailers, silo
    trucks, bulk liquid tankers, Jet A1
    Aviation fuel bowser tanks

Air Lift

Combined air lift capacity of
60 tons for domestic deliveries
to charterers destination port
of choice in WAF

Sea Going

Combined sea going
capacity of 130,000 metric
tons direct into end users
shore tanks

Logistics &
Supply Chain

Comprehensive freight clearing and
delivery solutions capacity outsourced to
UBL Limited. Managed by an experience
staff of 15 professionals possessing 300
years combined experience in the field.

  • Sea port terminal and internal storage .
    Silo facilities with capacity for agro-allied
    products in excess of 120,000 tons
  • 5,000 ton Jet A1 fuel storage tanks
    under development
  • 8,000 ton base oil storage facility in
  • 30,000 ton gas oil and gasoline storage
    capacity countrywide
  • Up to 100,000 ton floating offshore
    storage facility available