SISA Telecoms


Over the years, Sisa Holdings Ltd has built sites well over 400 BTS and Microwave sites for Prime Infrastructure and Engineering Services Ltd and Bayshore Technologies Ltd in the South West Nigeria, which includes Ilorin and Oshogbo. Also, we have built over 300 sites in North East region of Nigeria, which includes Kano, Jigawa, Kaduna, Zaria, Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi and Niger.

Our operations include but are not restricted to Site Build, Diesel Supply and Haulage, Civil / Construction Works, Welding / Fabrication & Project Management.
A breakdown of our operations are
– Site Build
– Diesel Supply and Haulage
– Site Refurbishment
– Power and Electrification
– Infrastructure Development
– Design and Construction of Civil Works components
– Inspection, repairs and Installation of all Electrical Systems
– Fabrication and Installation of Metal/Steel Works
– Reticulation and Overhead Tank installations

Turnkey Site Build

Sisa Holdings delivers quality services in all her operations. In turnkey site build, Sisa Holdings take the burden of site acquisition, site preparatory works & management (site survey & soil test), preparing site built documents (cube test, safe to climb certificate, earthen test, etc). Other includes, providing all tower works (tower foundation, painting, reinforcement concrete, plain concrete and accessories).

Also, we undertake supply and installation of security lights, supply and installation of earthen equipment, supply and installation of fence and site gate, supply and Installation of latest renewable energy (solar solution) and DCDG to power BTS sites.

Diesel Supply & Haulage

We are capable and competent enough to meet the needs of our customers in telecommunication sector in the area of supply of diesel to various sites location

Site Refurbishment

We undertake site refurbishment (Civil and EIA, Shelter Repairs, Palisade Fabrication, Light Retrofitting and Signage). Site Refurbishment exists in its mechanism and systematic. Besides the provision of site maintenance services, we also provide division for operators. We help to set up maintenance organization and procedures and free the operator from daily operating work.

Past Experience & Jobs Executed

– Prime Infrastructure & Engineering Services Limited [Turnkey Site Construction]
– Bayshore Technologies Ltd [Turnkey Site Construction]